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Graveyard Of Thoughts

4 August 1990
I'm Sylvia. You can call me Marz, if you want, or Marzipain if you're a loser, but Sylvia is my online name at the moment, so, yeah.
Recently I've been going on Allpoetry a lot, and I have a few accounts on Neopets.
I'm a pretty regular person, or at least, I think I am, though everyone I know seems to think I'm a bit strange, so maybe I'm not as normal as I think I am, not that normality matters a bit on the internet.
I enjoy writing, though my skills are limited, and reading matches in the writing, so obviously I love that aswell. I like films and going online, like pretty much every average teenager does. And my music taste varies. A bit of Elvis, Sugababes, Ramones, Lily Allen, you know how it is. I don't much like R&B, jazz, or classical.
I think that's about it, really. If you truly want more information then just read my entries.